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Our Comprehensive Turfcare Program

We will provide you with the products and services necessary to keep your lawn healthy and looking great throughout the year. This will not only provide you with the comprehensive turfcare program your lawn needs, but it will also help solve the phosphorus issues in Lake Anna.

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Lake Anna Green: Over 30 years of Passionate Turfgrass Experience

About Our Team

Steve McCormick is a native of Peoria, Illinois. After graduating from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Plant and Soil Science and an emphasis in Turfgrass Management, he spent his next five years as an Assistant Golf Course Superintendent at two private country clubs in St. Louis, Missouri.

He and his family then relocated to the DC metro region where he was the Golf Course Superintendent at a high-profile country club for 18 years. After having a weekend getaway cabin on Lake Anna for the last 10 years, Steve and his family recently became full-time, lake-front residents near the North Anna River tributary. He has a vested interest in preserving and improving the health of the Lake Anna watershed while maintaining a vigorous, lush backyard to enjoy with family and friends.

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VDH’s Harmful Algae Found in Lake Anna

The North Anna and Upper Pamunkey Branches, including Terry’s Run, of Lake Anna in Orange, Louisa, and Spotsylvania counties are continuing to experience a harmful algae bloom (HAB). Public contact with the lake in this location should be avoided until algae concentrations drop to appropriate amounts. Cyanobacteria, a type of algae that can cause skin rashes and gastrointestinal disorders, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, are some of the most dangerous algae out there.

Phosphorus entering the water has caused harmful algae to grow in Lake Anna. Our region’s soil/grasses do not require a lot of phosphorus, and the earth cannot store much of it. Our soil is sticky, but once it reaches its maximum phosphorus capacity, any excess phosphorus leaches. When a nutrient that is unable to attach to soil particles attaches to water, leaching occurs. The public is advised to stay away from the water in various areas of the lake and not to use it for any purpose.
In our comprehensive turfcare program, we use very little phosphorus. We incorporate a soil test into our standard procedure and then apply the phosphorus precise calibrated dose suggested by the soil test, if any. This will eventually lead to more appealing lawns because we will be able to identify and treat any nutritional deficiencies.

Our Comprehensive Turfcare Program

Our turfcare program is comprised of phosphorus-free, lake-friendly lawn nutrition products as well as the most environmentally safe, EPA-registered plant protective products, which include herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.

The herbicides we use include products that perform the following functions: crabgrass pre-emergent control, broadleaf weed control, and selective warm season weed control (Yellow Nutsedge and Goosegrass are examples). In untreated lawns, crabgrass and broadleaf weeds quickly outcompete desired turfgrass species, such as Turf-Type Tall fescue, soon negating the aesthetic and environmental benefits.
Fungicides we use specifically target Brown Patch disease which is by far the most prominent and destructive fungal-related turfgrass ailment to impact Turf-Type Tall Fescue turfgrass in our region.
Non-treated lawns suffer severely every summer from this pathogen that weakens and significantly thins out otherwise healthy turfgrass. Environmental conditions that favor Brown Patch pressure are warm, humid nights (overnight temps above 65 degrees) with prolonged leaf wetness. Afternoon/evening thunderstorms or evening irrigation cycles increase the humidity and duration of leaf wetness. These weather conditions are more or less a guarantee in our region from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Insecticides we use are timed to provide maximum control of white grubs. The white grubs in their larval stage can cause major lawn damage from early July through October. Our products target other damaging infects such as Fall Armyworms.

Fall is a critical time when cool grass craves pampering and requires the most attention. We begin the fall season with aeration and overseeding, utilizing high-quality products and advanced machinery to aerate and seed precisely, dropping only the amount of seed necessary and helping the seed in establishing itself in the ground. Besides, we apply a large amount of nitrogen to the lawn to help in its growth and to create deep ruts in the soil, preparing it for a strong spring.

Standard Turfcare Program Services

Read below about the services that come standard in our turfcare program. Throughout the year, we will provide you with the highest quality services that are compatible with the products we use on your lawn.

Lawn Seeding

Proper seeding is a necessary step toward creating the lawn of your dreams. Our professional lawn seeding services will ensure your property is sufficiently seeded, giving you the lush green lawn you’ve always wanted.

When it’s time to install a new lawn, it’s critical to keep in mind that not all grass seeds are made equal. We’ll assist you in selecting the appropriate seed variety for your soil and turf requirements. Then, using industry-best practices, we’ll prepare the ground, broadcast the seed, and fertilize the soil.

Lawn Fertilization

Your lawn’s fertilization requirements will vary depending on the grass type, soil quality, and growing conditions in your area. We will ensure that your lawn receives all the nutrients it requires to flourish.


There are numerous advantages to using topsoil on your lawn, and you should notice an immediate difference. The additional nutrients in topsoil help to improve the texture of your lawn. The topsoil protects the roots of plants and retains moisture that has already drained into the soil. Retaining this moisture prevents water loss and helps ensure that plants have a supply of water during periods of drought.

Topsoil provides nutrients and also helps in the delivery of additional oxygen to plant roots, resulting in improved plant health and growth overall. Additionally, it enables the establishment of more robust roots, which results in reduced soil erosion.

Lawn Aeration

Seasonal changes can be hard on your lawn. Protecting your lawn throughout the seasons will ensure that it remains lush and beautiful. While most homeowners maintain their lawns regularly, one step that many ignore is aeration.

Aerating your lawn will result in a noticeable improvement in the quality of your turf. This method of puncturing holes into the lawn and soil helps the roots in receiving the necessary nutrients for survival and nourishment.


Overseeding is the method of applying a perfectly matched grass seed to a lawn in order to increase the intensity of the sward and try to make up for grass decline. Typically, lawns need overseeding due to a lack of detail in some areas or bare spots, which are typically caused by foot traffic over time.

Yearly overseeding makes up for the turf’s natural slowing rate of reproduction. The primary advantage of overseeding your lawn is that it keeps it thick and dense. Spots that become sparse will shift back to being dense and lush. Thick grass, when cut at the proper height, will have very few weeds. The second advantage of overseeding is resistance to disease.

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