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Redefining Lake-Safe
Turfcare Standards

Experience the allure of lake living through meticulously cared-for lawns. While we handle the nitty-gritty details, you can enjoy life’s moments as they come. At Lake Anna Green, we understand the importance of maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn while also being mindful of the impact on our environment.

  • Enjoy lakeside moments. Not mowing time
  • Quality care for a lake-style living experience
  • Reliability and consistency define our customer service

Time is Precious. Let Us Handle the Turf!

Reliable, Consistent Results, & Communication

Building Confidence and Trust in Your Lawn Care Journey

Outstanding, thorough communication. Our yard looks the best as it ever has in 6 years! Five stars for sure.”

– Jody K.

“They were great to work with, and their crew was all very professional and nice. They solved a big water problem at our home, and we couldn’t be happier. We would definitely use them again!”
– Barbara P.

“Great job taking care of our lawn and sod around our new pool at Lake Anna! Highly recommended.

– William G.

“We highly recommend this company for your landscaping and lawn care needs. They are always professional and a good member of the community.”

– Mark C.

We engaged LKA Green to jump-start our new lawn that was builder-seeded. [LKA Green] knows grass like no one else. Great to work with, and always going above and beyond!

– Dean G.

“Incredible partner to the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce. Their team of professionals are on time, detailed, and take great care to ensure we always look our best.”

– Tracy H.

Boat-View Bragging Rights

Transform Your Lawn into a Quality Oasis of Lake Living

Free up your time, and transform your lawn as a showcase of perfection. At LKA Green, we redefine the standard of turf care and landscaping, ensuring your outdoor space becomes a haven of beauty and relaxation…all the while serving our environment and preserving water quality.


Full Service Lawn Care and Yard Maintenance

Comprehensive yard maintenance plans that include mowing, edging, trimming and pruning, leaf removal, and fertilization.


Optimized Fertility with Year-Round Turfcare

Using environmentally friendly methods, we promote healthy lawns, including treatment and prevention, without jeopardizing the health of Lake Anna.


Superior Methods of Aeration and Seeding

Let us breathe life into your lawn. Our team of professionals understands how to create the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Steve McCormick, Senior Agronomy Specialist

Lake Anna Green: Over 30 years of Passionate Turfgrass Experience

Meet Steve McCormick

The sense of community at Lake Anna is truly extraordinary. Whether it’s maintaining our roads or preserving the pristine beauty of the lake, we all come together to nurture our shared environment. Our yards are no exception. Caring for our properties not only enhances the health and beauty of Lake Anna, but it also transforms our outdoor spaces into extensions of our homes and sanctuaries. It serves as a bridge, connecting the serene allure of our properties with the delicate ecosystem of the lake.

At Lake Anna Green, our team is not just a group of professionals. We are your neighbors, your colleagues, and your friends. We are dedicated to supporting the community through nurturing a shared environment. Whether you choose to use our year-round turf care program or learn how to take care of your own lawn, we are here to provide guidance and assistance. Our goal is to give you essential resources to nourish a vibrant lawn while protecting our cherished Lake Anna.

Call or Text Steve at (540) 894-7767.

Your Lawn, Your Legacy: Building Confidence and Trust in Your Lawn Care Journey

At Lake Anna Green, we recognize that choosing a lawn care provider is not just a transaction; it’s a relationship built on trust and confidence. Unlike the uncertainty that comes with big-box stores like Lowe’s, we offer you more than just a service. We provide a guarantee, symbolized by the LKA Green Seal.

Environmental Stewardship

Beyond aesthetics, we champion environmental responsibility. Our methods prioritize the health of your lawn and the surrounding ecosystem, aligning with the environmentally conscious values of your lake community.

  • Entrust the details of your lawn to specialists in lawn care
  • Witness a seamless transformation of your outdoor space
  • Elevate your status with a showcase of beauty


We understand the value of relationships. Our dedicated team believes in personalized care, fostering trust, and transparency throughout your lawn care journey.

Path to Picturesque

Your lawn’s transformation is not just a promise; it’s a commitment backed by our unwavering confidence in our expertise.

Our turfcare program includes phosphorus-free, lake-friendly lawn nutrition products as well as precise and timely application services. Our comprehensive programs offer lawn fertilization, weed control, lawn aeration, overseeding, soil testing, and more.


A Well-Manicured Lawn Sets the Expectation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What services does LKA Green offer?

A1: LKA Green offers a broad range of services, including full-service lawncare and yard maintenance, year-round turf care, fungus and insect prevention, aeration, seeding, grading, and hardscape design.

Q2: How does LKA Green prioritize environmental responsibility?

A2: We champion environmental stewardship by ensuring our methods prioritize the health of your lawn and its surrounding ecosystem. Our practices are consistent with the environmentally conscious values of our lake community. 

Q3: What does the LKA Green Seal symbolize?

A3: The LKA Green Seal is a symbol of our commitment and guarantee of quality. It represents the trust and confidence we build in our relationships with customers, offering more than just a simple service.

Q4: What is your pricing?

A4: Our pricing is based on the services you require and the size of your lawn. We offer personalized consultations to determine the best plan for your specific needs and budget. Contact us today to request a quote.  Overall, we strive to provide competitive prices that reflect the quality of our services and expertise.

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