Lake Anna Green Pledge

A dense, healthy lawn of properly managed turfgrass maximizes the aesthetic beauty of one’s property while providing invaluable environmental benefits.
  • Healthy Turfgrass produces more oxygen per square foot than a mature deciduous forest. It also absorbs excess carbon that can be environmentally detrimental.
  • Healthy Turfgrass produces Evapotranspiration (the release of water into the atmosphere from the plants); this process is maxed out during the summer and has an instant cooling effect on the environment.
  • Healthy Turfgrass plays a critical role as a buffer to protect the lake and its tributaries from soil erosion and harmful stormwater runoff.
  • Harmful algae blooms (HABs) are enhanced by the presence of excessive phosphorus. This phosphorus has two primary sources:
    1. Sediment buildup (the phosphorus is present in the sediment) resulting from soil erosion/stormwater runoff,
    2. Phosphorus fertilizer applications to farmland and mismanaged lawns that enter the watershed as stormwater runoff.
  • LKA Green has committed to the elimination of phosphorus from its turfgrass management program. The only exception is if a soil test shows a deficiency in phosphorus (a rare scenario around the LKA watershed). If so, the bare minimum amount of phosphorus required to balance the soil would be precisely applied.
  • LKA Green Programs are designed to ensure that every customer’s lawn performs to its absolute maximum in order to provide these important environmental and aesthetic benefits, without the use of phosphorus
If you are a Lake Anna Green service customer, DIY Product customer, or are a friend and good steward of the Lake Anna Watershed, sign-up below to take the LKA Green Pledge. You will receive a complimentary gift from LKA Green, and will receive periodic Lake-Anna specific information about best practices to care for your lawn in a lake-friendly way.

I pledge, by my purchase of LKA Green services, DIY Products, or application of other lawn care products, that I am committed to the proper, lake-friendly application practices, rates, timing, and product selection that will improve the quality of the Lake Anna watershed where I live, play, and enjoy.

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